About Us

My name is Theo Daams. I am the face behind Brightspot. I have been working as a consultant and practitioner of competitive intelligence for some twenty years now. My goal and aspiration is to help companies uncover and analyse the information they need to accomplish their goals. I want to provide insight and clarity to increase my clients' profitability.

To me competitive intelligence is looking through my clients' windows to its outside world; it is the analysis of a company's position within its industry, amid its customers, direct and indirect competitors, suppliers, governmental bodies and other stakeholders. Knowing where its current position is, understanding where it wants to go, recognizing its qualities and abilities, as well as those of its competitors, all are elements that contribute to setting the next steps and the ones thereafter.

As a matter of personal interest I started to study Technical Analysis some ten years ago. During several of my projects in the sphere of competitive intelligence I came across the subject of assessing future commodity prices. Even though I am very much facts-based and used to retrieving vast amounts of data and to crunch their numbers, it soon dawned on me that the complexity of price development would not allow me to get a grip on what raw material prices a few months out might look like. I learned that the analysis of cyclical price behaviour, using its fractal structure, can be done with much more success through technical analysis.

Over time I got more and more intrigued by the apparent choreography of the financial markets and decided to shift my primary focus to making price projections. This however does not preclude me from diving for some serious competitive intelligence, if that is what is needed to help my clients.

Whenever I write my raw material and intermediates price projections, I have them double-checked by an experienced colleague to eliminate the risk of erroneous interpretations. Because, no matter how you slice it, assessing future price developments will always be a matter of personal interpretation.

Brightspot is part of an informal network of independent professionals on strategy, organizational change, pricing and other specialities. The experts in this network have collaborated on many occasions and know each other very well.